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I believe in the beauty of technology.

Trained in the elite programming unit of the Israeli army, served in the intelligence forces and hold a double degree in Business Administration and Computer Science from Tel Aviv University.

Failing my first “startup” at the age of 15 and founding my first company at the age of 19, I have years of practice within tech and business development, as well as leadership.

I speak and consult about development management, technology, growth hacking and entrepreneurship.

Currently I am the CTO of Shopbox.




Providing creative, unconventional marketing services for the startup industry. Making startups compete with industry leaders.



Online presence should be simple. Artly is a portfolio website creator for graphic designers and photographers.



Delivering high quality, targeted leads from social media through audience understanding. Twitter growth as a service.



An online community of health and fitness enthusiasts, dedicated to sharing experiences and knowledge.



A curation of the hottest fitness gear available online. Getting you addicted to working out.


Available Talks

Tech/Product Development

How to not develop a product

45 minutes

Join me on a journey through the last 14 years of my life and work: making all the common mistakes of Product Owners and CTOs.
The journey starts from developing the first “Visual Basic 6” game back in 2002, continues through managing a development agency building thousands of custom made projects, to leading the Tech team of an international company with developers all around the world.
If you are creating your first or second product and want to steer clear of all the common mistakes in product development – this talk is for you.

Growth Hacking

The User Mine Method

60 Minutes

“The User Mine Method” is one of the first well defined growth hacking techniques – and this talk will walk you through each step of boosting the growth of your business online.
The aim of this talk is to provide you with actionable tools and a method to boost your own online business. Join me on a journey on the intersection of Marketing and Technology – and learn how to apply Growth Hacking to compete on the level of the leaders of your industry.

Growth Hacking

6 Laws from the Growth Hackers Playbook

30 Minutes

Knowing the 6 Laws from the Growth Hacker’s Playbook will open the door into the mindset of unconventional growth tactics.
In this talk I will present stories from my own experience as well as those of well-known startups with unconventional and less known growth strategies.
The aim of this talk is to provide you with actionable ideas and methods to boost your own online business. A journey through the history of psychology-powered marketing, learn how to apply Growth Hacking to compete at the level of the industry leaders.


7 Ways to Kill your Startup

50 Minutes

There is nothing we want less than killing our own startup. Nevertheless, we are all biologically programmed to to make the same mistakes over and over again.
Building and mentoring a large number of startups on the course of 12+ years, I will present the 7 most common mistakes that early stage startups are doing, and the best practices to avoid them.

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Vincent Wood

CEO / Gravity Inc.

He is a great and hardworking guy. I am so proud of i have him as my asistant. He helped me so much. Also i am so proud of i have him as my asistant. He helped me so much.


Gary Morgan

Chemist / Freelancer

He was a great co-worker and a friend. I would’t be where i am without his support.


Jason Wilson

Lab Geek / Miami Metro

He is ok. I don’t really know him. He looks nice.


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Venture Cup


I believe in giving back.
Mentoring gives a sense of purpose, of creating a positive impact – and of being on a continuous learning path myself.

Next challenge?

As a mentor I advise in the areas of technology, development, team building, and growth hacking, but also in the day-to-day questions that startups face – such as efficiency, motivation, productivity & focus.

I’m always on the lookout for new challenges and opportunities.

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